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Climate & Soils
The Robertson Valley is characterised by cold winters and sunny summers, with an average annual rainfall of 350 - 400mm. In summer a fresh southerly breeze from the Agulhas coast has a cooling effect on the vineyards, allowing the grapes to ripen evenly and in perfect balance. Nights are chilly and during summer months a mist often shrouds the vineyards until late morning. 

The dry climate and the bracing breeze keep pests to a minimum, resulting in sparse spraying programmes. 

Controlled computerised irrigation systems including the monitoring of soil moisture content ensure the vines are given exactly the right amount of water at the right time to produce grapes of optimum ripeness and developed flavours. 

The soils of the Robertson Valley have the highest free limestone content in South Africa which is ideal for winemaking as this drives the all-important pH structure required for fruit balance. Each vineyard on the Estate has a different soil composition, leading to unique expressions in each wine. 

Rocky mountain gravel soil leads to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines with pronounced mineral structures and elegant length. The Chardonnays from these soils are characterised by flinty, citrus flavours and aromas. 

Closer to the Breede River the soils’ clay content leads to wines of a fuller, denser structure and greater opulence. Here nuances of grilled nuts and butter are found in the Chardonnay wines.

De Wetshof Winery - Climate and Soils 
De Wetshof Winery - Climate and Soils  
De Wetshof Winery - Climate and Soils 
De Wetshof Winery - Climate and Soils
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